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Distance Learning, The Future Of Teaching

Distance Learning Online:

Online learning has ended up being the supreme hi tech alternative to the old-fashioned classroom teaching.

Exactly what is distance learning?

Distance learning as a term is generally utilized when talking about education where the student is located in one location worldwide and the school/teacher in another location.

Why use it?

There are many excellent reasons a school would opt to utilize distance learning or e-learning.

1. The school has students from a big geographical area. And to be able to increase this location (and the variety of possible students), without the need for a larger campus or more dormitories, the online learning approach works effectively.

The school has multiple school areas, located over a wide area. The student really is situated in a campus area, however as the school has numerous campuses and the student (and teachers) would have to travel for hours to reach each one of them, the classes have been altered into distance learning experiences.

3. Less teachers. This is possible as an instructor without travelling can teach in numerous locations around the country (and the world) without leaving his or hers own space!


There are many different levels of technical tools as well as teaching methods used when utilizing distance learning.

Everything from e-mail and an easy bbs, to streamed live video and advanced meeting locations where students and teachers can work together in an interactive method, using a Learning Management System, like Moodle.

Tests and work papers can be mailed or fetched and archived through filesharing straight from the schools servers.

And by integrating things like high resolution live cams and skype, the learning environment can be taken to an entirely to new levels.

There will be a lot of advancements in the area of distance learning in the future. Who knows, your kids might even have the choice to take some classes from home, utilizing tools incorporated in your television in the future.

And to be able to increase this area (and the number of possible students), without the need for a bigger school or more dorms, the online class technique works very well.

The school has several campus locations, located far away. This is one of the latest ways of utilizing distance learning. The student in fact is located in a campus area, but as the school has numerous schools and the student (and instructors) would have to take a trip for hours to reach each one of them, the classes have actually been changed into distance learning experiences.

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